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Winter 2006


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"This Poem and photograph was a gift to the Bird Clan from one of it's most honored elders, Jim Daddy Bear who makes his home in Charleston, NC. "

Photo taken by JDaddyBear, Black Warrior River,
Moundville, AL

THAT, I am

By Jim Daddy Bear

THAT, I am

A Human Being,
Only one of Creator's many living creatures.

Not perfect, nor anywhere near;
Not expecting to be.

Unique in my gifts, not better.

Changing every moment that I'm granted,
as I breathe the sweet air; as I drink the blue water;
as I'm warmed by Father Sky's fire orb;
and as I'm cooled, lying on Mother's green grass.

Not to be harnessed by other's expectations.
Nor controlled by other's egos.
Free to make my own mistakes,
and learn my own lessons.

Walking The Red Road
Being the best relation I can be
to all my family.

Loving without judgement.
Learning without doubt.
Growing without fear.



Blessings in The Light, Brother JimBear, 2005

Jim Daddy Bear is an honored member and artist of the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama.

To learn more about the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama, check out their web site at

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