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Winter 2006


The Story of The Bird People

Bird Calls & Medicine

"This book review is from Grandmother DancingEagle, cherished Grandmother of the Bird Clan."

Books to Read During the Long Winter Nap

By Grandmother DancingEagle

With winter on its way, here are some titles which might be of interest.

The Story of the Cherokee by Tom B. Underwood. This book covers Cherokee history from ancient times thru to 1961. It is illustrated by Jacob Anchutin. The illustrations are almost worth buying the book alone.

Myths, Legends, Superstitions of North American Indian Tribes. It was compiled by Going Back Chiltoskey. A great book containing stories which are not the usual stories found in basic Cherokee stories.

Aunt Mary, Tell Me A Story. Edited and compiled by Mary Ulmer Galloway. A collection of Cherokee stories collected by the niece of Mary Ulmer Chiltoskey. Both the Chiltoskey books can be purchased thru the museum in Cherokee.

They Dance in the Sky, Native American Star Myths. Authored by Jean Guard Monroe and Ray A. Williamson. A collection of various skylore stories from different tribes.

Nihancan's Feast of Beaver, Animal Tales of the North American Indians. Edward Lavitt and Robert E. McDowell. Interesting stories from tribes across the continent, but it doesn't have any Cherokee stories.

Living Stories of the Cherokee. Collected and edited by Barbara R. Duncan. These stories are about Cherokee history and culture from the Eastern Band as told by folks like Robert Bushyhead, Marie Junaluska, and Freeman Owle. A real treasure.

Walk in balance and beauty.

Grandmother DancingEagle, October 2008

Grandmother DancingEagle is a cherished grandmother of the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama.

To learn more about the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama, check out their web site at

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