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Updates for the DeerClan this month consist of:   New additions: Sister Songbird (you will have to ask about the story...), also Paijir a Lompair, whom some of you met at the Spring Powow, has asked DeerClan to sponsor her membership into the FreeCherokee. We have agreed and welcome her with open arms. She will be camping with the DeerClan during the Fall Powow, so ask around for her and welcome her as one of our newest family members. ( note it is prounounced " Pah deer")

Aug will be the Final Vision Quest for those DeerClan that started back in July 03. We will be together for 3 days straight, sweating and asking each other challenging questions to que the mind. Oh and you can be sure we're gonna be eating too! We've all decided to Campout, bring tents, and such, and make a complete weekend of it. SO look out for some new Eagle Feathers being worn or chokers having a new row added to them.

Brother Flamebuck decided that his path was taking him away form the DeerClan this month. We miss him and his Warrior spirit. We ask that Great Spirit and all the Grandfathers watch this young man as he walks his road. May he always know that he is welcome, anytime, even just to hang out. We will be here when you get back....

Pipe Ceremony has been especially powerful for me in the last several weeks. AS I enter in to prayer, I have been listening to the sounds of voices. Low voices, in the distance, and to me it is the sound of many voices praying, and speaking, and singing, all at once. It is not disconcerting, to say the least, it is soothing and feels very, very supportive. So I'd like to say to those that are "lightin' up on Wednesday nights"...Thank you, you bring more power to my prayers, and more faith in my heart. Faith that the Free Cherokee people are united by more than a bunch of cute faces.

Uganawa Adadoligi ( warm blessing)

The photo of the deer above was taken by ShamanBear, a member of the Bird Clan of East Central Alabama. He took the photograph one morning after working all night.

To learn more about the Deer Clan of East Tennessee, check out their web site at

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