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      We are an inter-tribal group though we call ourselves Free Cherokees. We are a mix of different tribes, and mostly represent Eastern Woodland tribes. Our ancestors settled mostly in this part of the country, even when the Removal was taking place. Some of them fled to the hills and mountains, and inter-married.

      We are mostly mixed bloods of varied ancestry. Others of us are adopted, were married in or are children of full-bloods and mixed bloods by several generations. We accept people who are sincere in their desire to learn Native culture, spirituality and ceremony. We have had different teachers in the past from different tribes and geographic areas.

      We utilize a Native American Code of Ethics, and view spirituality as a way of life. We make every effort to walk the Good Red Road and live in balance and harmony, showing respect to Mother Earth.


      When we were founded, tribal rolls were set up. We still issue enrollment or membership cards. For Free Cherokee membership, there is a one-page form with an initial enrollment fee ($20-25). These fees pay for online expenses, supplies and for Gatherings whenever possible. Our financial needs are very minimal.

     To become a member of the Free Cherokee, you can contact the National Office, or the Chief of a Band or Clan close to where you live. We suggest that you first become involved at that Band/Clan level, and attend Free Cherokee Gatherings as well. Please refer to “Free Cherokee Bands/Clans” for information on current groups that are active and where they are located.

     The National Office can also assist you in making connections, and getting enrolled as a member of the Free Cherokee. Applications for membership are accepted any time of the year.


     If you are interested in enrolling/becoming a member of the Free Cherokee, you can download an application form by clicking the link below, then mailing the completed application to the National Office. Application forms can also be obtained by writing or emailing the National Office.

Click Here To Download The Membership Application Form

For more information about the Free Cherokee
contact: Chief Spirit Shadow