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Mending The Hoop: Peace In Our Time

Turtle Island Peace Pages Most religions are an outgrowth of culture, reflecting what different people believe based on their experiences and understandings. They share certain universal and unifying truths that are at the core of all spiritual experience.

Indigenous cultures throughout the world have a wealth of experience that will be helpful to the progress of all humanity. The First People, our ancestors, were a very spiritual and peaceful people. They walked the Good Red Road by following the Path of the Heart.

If all people started from a peaceful existence, it is true that we can return to that same condition. When we follow the ways of the heart, anything is possible.

Creator gave us everything we need. We make choices based on our understandings, and we know that Love comes from the Spirit. When we have certain desires, then we can also develop the means to reach our goals. It all starts with our vision for the future.

Our mistakes or darkest times are only steps toward the realization of something much greater - bringing us closer to realizing our dreams. It is all a journey for every one of us.

Peace encompasses a tremendous amount of positive spiritual energy. The colors of the four directions represent the different races of humanity. We are all part of the Great Circle of Life. As we reach that understanding, we can begin to Mend the Hoop. From this form of social healing, peace is possible in our time.

Love is at the center of the Circle. It radiates outwardly from us, and touches us inwardly. As we act in a peaceful manner, we grow closer to each other with a new understanding. We soon discover that the world can be changed by our actions - for the better. It can lead us to join with others to work for the common good of all. It is the basis of our collective growth.

Let us work together to add to the peace that exists in the world - in whatever way that we can. Let us keep focused on the unifying principle of Love, and the Peace that comes from it.

We pray that our actions themselves become our prayers, and that our lives become examples of what we seek.

May you walk in peace


O Great Spirit, As I Walk
Through a World
Of Hatred, Greed and Wars -
Help Me To Find A Path
Where My Children Can Walk
Besides The Still Waters
Of Faith, Hope And Peace!

CrowTalker is the Peace Cheif of the Free Cherokee and beloved husband of Chief SpiritShadow of the Three Spirits Clan of Ohio.

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