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Points To Ponder

Turtle Island Peace Pages In his book "From Arrow To Atom Bomb", Stanton Coblentz speculates that "primitive man" (natural man) was not aggressive, violent or warlike but that such seemed to be more of a characteristic of "civilized man" instead. The following is from his book:

"They must suppose that man is by instinct a fighting animal; and that his pugnacity necessarily breaks out in organized large-scale conflict...

If man is indeed a creature of this sort, he is an anomoly in the natural world. In nature there is conflict for living room, mates and food; but except among the ants, there are no wars that even remotely resemble our own; the great majority of living creatures, from the bee and the beetle to the vulture in the sky and the lizard on the rock, are predominantly peaceful... One who has spent much time in nature will be impressed not by the combativeness of his surroundings but by their harmony; he will find that the sense of peace and joy is everywhere, and evidences of strife and destructiveness only occassional; he will listen to the jays in their chattering troops, will see the deer bounding through the brush in their small bands, will watch the wild geese in their migratory flocks and will note the ants in their common task of moving some small crumb; and he will know that it is a rule and not the exception for the members of a species to live together companionably and even cooperatively.

Can it be that man is different from most other things in nature? that he is driven by a combativeness absent in his fellow mammals, and unknown even in birds, reptiles and insects? Or is it that natural man, like other natural creatures, is not usually aggressive, at least in regard to the members of his own species? And is war then a by-product of civilization, or the state of mind attendant upon civilization?"

In his book "The Healing Power of Balanced Emotions", Frederick Bailes says the following:

"The greatest need of the entire world today is for a quiet mind. In every stratum of society, in every town and village, the individual hungers for serenity and peace. Each war is entered upon with the promise that it will bring ultimate peace. But it proves to be only the prelude to another war.

Throughout the ages man has attempted to produce peace by the exterior methods of force. He has failed because true peace must always arise from a genuine spirit of good will within...

The individual who would find peace in this changing world must likewise learn that it is neither given nor taken away by things external. True peace is always a state of mind originating within himself..."

Peace is what is natural. Civilization moves on but we do not have to accept the more undesireable parts of it, such as the phenomenon of warfare. It does not matter what type of war it is. These days the greatest threat to our planet is not just natural disasters but man-made disasters caused by nuclear, chemical or biological warfare. Prejudice, intolerance and hatred are the fuel of destruction. We have to find a way to overcome their effects, and create a more peaceful world.

At every opportunity offer prayers for peace. Pray that we understand the folly of certain ways, and that we will learn to live in peace with each other. Pray that the mind of humamity should heal, and that we can overcome our differences without resorting to war. Pray for a world coming together, a unity of mind and spirit among all peoples that provides hope and understanding.

Remember - when the people lead, the leaders will follow.
CrowTalker, Peace Chief

CrowTalker is the Peace Cheif of the Free Cherokee and beloved husband of Chief SpiritShadow of the Three Spirits Clan of Ohio.

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