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Peace is Found Within

Turtle Island Peace Pages Peace is not really an ideal - something to imagine for a distant future. The only way to have peace is to live it - in the present time. All peace - and love for that matter - comes from within. How much we have, or can give, depends on what we've learned and who we are as a human being. Love and peace is the source and well-spring of our humanness. It is sensed and felt within, and naturally goes from the inside out. Peace comes from people who live it. It has its own strength and understandings - something that can be shared.

Peace also has its opposites - like all things in life. Everything exists in contrast, and sometimes they exist as contradictions. It simply means that our lives are a matter of choices. It would be a contradiction to try to force peace on anyone. Peace is something to which we are drawn. Perhaps one day the world will belong to the peace-makers. But the good news is that peace can be found right now.

The place to look for an answer is within ourselves and with the Creator, who is the source of this peace and from whom it originates. True peace does not have an enemy. It is really a process of discovering ourselves. In life, each of us is afforded enough peace to discover our true selves. Peace brings realization.

This peace exists both within us and around us. It is something that reaches out to us, and it leads us to new understandings about ourselves and the world in which we live. It is also amazing how subtle it happens. Peace exists at the core of our being. While we may appear to seek it, it is actually something which is already there. We don't have very far to go. In that sense, it is not a distant goal but, rather, it is a way of life. Peace is a choice.

Peace is always in the realm of possibility for us. We need not wait for the right circumstance or moment. It can be there for us at any time. Poetically, it can be like the air we breathe. Many things can be denied to us in life, but peace is not one of them.

May you walk in peace


O Great Spirit, As I Walk
Through a World
Of Hatred, Greed and Wars -
Help Me To Find A Path
Where My Children Can Walk
Besides The Still Waters
Of Faith, Hope And Peace!

CrowTalker is the Peace Cheif of the Free Cherokee and beloved husband of Chief SpiritShadow of the Three Spirits Clan of Ohio.

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