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Osiyo Brothers and Sisters,

Sacred Pipe After many years of praying and searching, a person was finally sent to me for apprentice Pipe Maker. Soaring Eagle has begun the long journey to become a Pipe Maker to the people. I see in the near future that he will make a fine teacher of the way of Prayer with the Pipe and it's creation.

Ben has been with The Free Cherokees for a long time and has a good understanding of the Sacred ways and how things are to be done in a traditional way. He is a very conscientious person and will honor the ways of the Ancestors.

In the name of all my relations. Wado

With our Pipe in hand we say the prayers out loud so all the directions can easily hear. If those around us have a hard time hearing us, so do the Spirits, Creator and Grandmother Earth. Speak the prayers with conviction and pride from your heart and Spirit. We thank them for the things that they do each and every day and each and every way, thanking them in the name of all our relations. Ho, Mitakuye Oyasin. Aho

Principle Chief Desert Wolf

For more information contact DesertWolf,