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O'Siyo, my brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces:

Have you ever said, "No way. I would never do that." I made such a statement back in the mid 80's when computers were becoming more common in offices. "No way, would I ever bring a computer into my office at the Tri County Youth Services Bureau." Within twelve months we had three of the old Eagle Computers working away. Recently, I wondered why anyone would ever fool with blogging. What a bore. No way would I ever do that.

Then, along came the Spirits who are pushing me to expand my teaching outside the tribe to more non-Indians especially to sensitize them to the awful things being done to the Grandmother. I was told to provide workshops, which I am now setting up. These are called "Conversations With The Grandmother" and I am scheduling them through healing centers and churches. Then, they told me to set up a teaching blog.

I had no idea how to do that, but my friend, Rich Young, is handling all the technical stuff for me so I am now blogging for the Grandmother. Unfortunately, so much mayhem and destruction has been visited upon Her that no amount of teaching can reverse it. But, if we honor Her, we have to keep trying, keep working, keep praying, keep badgering the authorities, keep reminding our fellow citizens that somehow we must stop the ravenous multi-national corporations who have no sense of honor or concern for Her or Her children. Just one instance: Exon, in spite of record profits, has yet to pay the tribes for damages caused by the Exon Valdes oil spill.

My blog will cover lots of material, all related to spiritual things. I hope you will visit it and give me your feed back.

Mitakuye Oyas'sin.


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