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Three Spirit Clan of Ohio


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We believe that all people who now live on Turtle Island are native people, whose ancestry and heritage includes an indigeneous culture which represents the first culture and people living on the continent. The organized attempt to dismantle that culture and its religious beliefs, in the long run, failed. Today we are seeing a revival of interest in beliefs, philosophies and ceremonies which have very ancient roots. They emerged from a way of life that emphasized harmony and balance, and a respect for the earth and its inhabitants.

We see that many opportunities for future generations lie in understanding and adopting a certain way of thinking and living which is spiritually-based. We embrace concepts that include all things, and all people, in the circle of life and that point the way to learning how to live in peace and harmony; able to give and taking only what is needed. We see love and service as a great human responsibility, which will make this world a better place in which to live for our children and the generations that follow them. Like our native ancestors, we have a great love for the land and for the earth. We are a people of hope and optimism who seek our proper place in the natural order of things, learning the importance of balance and harmony.

We have studied various cultures and belief systems. None of them are perfect and neither are we. We have adopted what works for us. Our goal is to learn more, do more and share more. It starts in small ways among small groups of people. Like anything else, there is change. Where there are mistakes, there is more learning to be done. When people over-look their differences and work together for some common goal or for the common good, then growth occurs. This can happen through ceremonies, through prayer, through discussion and other forms of interaction which are the basis of building a sense of community.

Our primary purpose is to practice and learn Native American culture, to discover our roots as native people and to share what we learn with others. We strive to create a sense of community, belonging and fellowship with other people who have decided to join us and work toward the same goals.

We have all sorts of responsibilities in the process of doing this. Most of all, we see that we should enjoy what we are doing. We must balance the seriousness of our purpose with the lighter side of life. We work together and play together. We try to be good listeners and observers, but most of all we are a caring people and we believe in the Golden Rule. We believe that spirituality is a way of life, not just a belief sytem. It must be practiced as much as possible.

Where does this all begin? It starts, for us, in one of the least populated counties of Ohio in the rolling foot-hills of the southestern part of the state. It is a place where Nature is bountiful, peaceful and fairly undisturbed. We have modern intrusions, but it is still a place where the sights and sounds of Nature are abundant. It is an area rich in the history of Native American culture, much of it still preserved from the past mound-builders of the Adena, Hopewell, Shawnee, Ohio Valley Siouxan and many other smaller tribes that lived here or gathered here.

Here, in this part of Ohio, lives a population with a high percentage of Native American ancestry, mostly people of mixed blood who do not live on reservations or belong to an organized tribe. These are not people recognized by the federal government. Many do not know their heritage. Today there are enclaves of groups who practice and share Native American culture as best as they can. It is good that this is happening, so that the culture can continue to be viable and to grow in a geographic area where it once flourished. Without this activity, these lands would feel empty because they would be missing their roots. We need to restore what was once very familiar sounds to this area.

All good spiritual practice has to have good, healthy roots so that the tree of life can flourish and continue to give its seeds to other generations. We are dedicated to keeping that tree of life alive, and to honoring the things of the earth so that they can live in balance and harmony. To that end, we recognize the importance of a world filled with love and peace.

Our purpose is to make the hills resound with the singing of sacred songs, the speaking of native language, the smoke of the sacred pipe, the light of the sacred fire, the scent of the four sacred herbs, with our prayers and our ceremonies, with the sound of drumming, the gatherings of people, and by teaching and learning the ways of native culture. This is what amounts to music for the earth, for which it reciprocates. We seek to live with a good heart and embrace what is good. We believe that Great Spirit created all things in a spirit of goodness, and for those things we are grateful. How we percieve the world is important in how we are able to live in it, and in how grateful and humble we can be. We seek to understand our true role as human beings on Mother Earth.


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