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Three Spirit Clan Happenings

We are now getting ready for two July events. The first is the arrival of our twelfth grandson who should be here sometime the week of July 4th (he was born July 6th!). We are staying close to home waiting for the phone call. In the meantime we are enjoying the company of some of our other grand-children, some of whom will be in 4-H activities at the county fair - also in July.

We had planned on going to the Free Cherokee Gathering in Georgia but did not make it. However, we were there in spirit.

The second event in July is our Summer Gathering - July 15-17th. Actually, people can come a few days early (July 13 th & 14th) if they want to spend more time here. As usual, we will have an Inipi on Saturday evening (July 16th). We hope to see you here for the gathering! We welcome everyone, even those traveling from other states. There is plenty of camping area and our house is always open to friends and visitors.

If you want to mark your calendar ahead of time, our next gathering (after the July one) will be the third weekend in September, which will be Sept. 16-18th. The weather has been very hot and humid this June, and will probably stay that way for our July gathering. But the Fall Gathering should bring cooler temperatures.

CrowTalker has been busy with Peace issues and will show a video locally called "The Peace Pilgrim" on July 14th. If you come early to the gathering, you are welcome to view the video with us in town. It is a free public showing. He is also working with the Peace & Justice Network to show the video at Ohio University in Athens, about a half-hour from here.

CrowTalker has acquired a good-size collection of books, videos and literature on topics of peace and non-violence. He will be glad to share resources and information with anyone who wants to be active in doing work in their communities on peace and non-violence. Be sure to read his Peace Pages and poetry in other sections of the New Pheonix online.

When you come to a gathering or a visit at our house, you are welcome to look at the hundreds of books we have on Native American culture, history and spirituality. We also have a large selection for children and young adults (teenagers). Reading is a way to pass on the knowledge and wisdom of Native American culture to future generations. This small home-library is open to anyone who wants to read some of these books, so please ask to look at them when you are here. We prefer that the books be in circulation.

We now have Amish neighbors and an Amish settlement in Vinton County. They greatly respect Native American culture. Like Native American culture, they have ways, beliefs and a life-style very different from the dominant culture (who they call "the English"). We have a great relationship with them, and it is really refreshing to see a thriving sub-culture that many people have accepted. The Amish want to preserve their own way of life - an excellent example to those of us who also want to preserve different cultural ways.

A lot of things are beginning to come together in southeast Ohio. The Medicine Wheel Ceremony at Ash Cave has now become an annual event in May. It has brought together various Native American groups who spend the day sharing food, music, songs, and prayers. This is an area rich in Native American heritage, where many are discovering their Native American roots.

We celebrate the seasons and look forward to the growth and closeness that will develop with time as more people find their way to gatherings and ceremonies here and elsewhere.

May you walk in peace and find harmony within yourself and others!

Spirit Shadow & CrowTalker

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