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Summer 2006
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Three Spirit Clan Happenings

We were very glad to make it to the Free Cherokee Gathering in June, after missing it last summer. Three of us drove down, and we had a very enjoyable time. It was great seeing everyone after a two-year absence. We had made it to the Winter Gathering in Florida this year, but still missed seeing some people.

Walking Hawk is one of the younger members of our clan, and he entertained us on the trip to Georgia by telling jokes and stories - lots of good side-splitting laughter. We definitely needed it. Someone had thrown a whiskey bottle at our van, and broke out the side windows; it almost ruined our trip. But with the help of friends, we got it repaired and headed to Georgia. We were relieved to get there and back without any other problems.

The week at Tyus was fantastic. The weather couldn't have been better - not too hot or humid. Evenings at the tent, around the fire and at the summer kitchen were great. We met some new people and old friends. The day-time activities were very relaxing. And then there was the trading on Friday night - something to which we always look forward. The ceremonies and Lodges were also great.

As usual, Blue Crow and Little Knife were great hosts, and things went very smoothly. We got to try out our grape dumpling and bean bread recipes, as well. Everyone did great in helping out with the meals and clean-up. The food there was great, all through the week.

Of course, we are also very happy that we made such a good showing at the Tomahawk Throwing Contest. Walking Hawk and CrowTalker tied for first. In a tie-breaker, CrowTalker got first place and Walking Hawk got second place. Spirit Shadow reminds us that she had the previous title, so I guess we kept it in the family this year. We are looking forward to other competitions next year, and hope that we can retain the Tomahawk Throwing title. It's an appropriate skill for a Peace Chief - as long as he doesn't have to use it.

The Chief's Council went very well - not too lengthy but a lot got done. We welcomed a new clan and talked about getting the Medicine Society re-started. Dancing Eagle is a great choice for the Medicine Society. We are also looking forward to having Red Arrow and her clan introduce the Green Corn Ceremony next year at the Gathering. So a lot of new and exciting things are happening.

We were very pleased that the Council agreed to have the Fall Gathering of Free Cherokee in Ohio this year. It will be at our location in southeast Ohio during the week of Sept. 18-24th. That would make the Spring/Summer Gathering in Georgia, the Fall Gathering in Ohio and the Winter Gathering in Florida.

We were glad to be able to attend the first Winter Gathering at the new location in Florida at Titusville. Desert Wolf and Reen have done a lot of work there, and the property owners are great. It will be a very nice location for future Gatherings. As Ohioans, we always look for an excuse to go south for the winter. This year we left the snow behind and went to the t-shirt weather in Florida, camping under the palm trees. Hopefully, more will be able to attend as the Ohio and Florida Gatherings develop.

Right now, we are getting ready for the Fall Gathering in September. We are hoping for a good turn-out, though it is only the first year for us. We have a possibility for a second site, if the Gathering gets larger next year. So we will see how things go this year, and hope for good time for those who can make it.

Spirit Shadow & CrowTalker

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