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Warrior's Society

by LaughingOtter, Turtle Clan

Good morning brothers and sisters,

I say "good morning" with special emphasis because it is a new morning for the Free Cherokee. Morning is time to recognize the birth of life that Grandfather and Grandmother bring to us with the beginning of each day. This year's spring/summer gathering was indeed a rebirthing time for the Free Cherokee with a selection of a new Principal Chief and the inclusion of a new Free Cherokee clan. Probably the most invigorating aspect of this was the sounds and excited energy of the young new members, from the happy gurgle of an infant, to the unbounded curiosity of adolescent minds.

As Warrior Chief, my first reaction, to this exciting time, was thoughts of re energizing and reorganizing the Warrior Society, but then the warrior part of me urged extreme caution. We do need to re energize and re organize the Warrior Society, but most successful organizations evolve from an ongoing marriage of growth and careful thought. That is what we will do; carefully evolve into a functioning society of the Free Cherokee. Rather than create a complicated paper or electronic structure, we will sit and act as brothers and sisters slowly walking the path Spirit directs us. In the past, one of the greatest traits of Native Americans was thoughtful silence during conversation and the act of listening during debate. The white society and some Native people often perceived this as weakness and indecision. It will be the same now, but regardless, we will sit and wait in silence. Since there is so much to do and change concerning the Free Cherokee in general, there will be no major changes in the Warriors Society. We will devote our energies to facilitating the new direction of the Free Cherokee.

We will have to redo the membership roles and prepare for the Summer Gathering. At the Summer gathering the Warrior Society will discuss future plans and respond to suggestions and requests from the Clan Chiefs and Free Cherokee members. At the Fall gathering, we will have a few casual Warrior Society get togethers, get to know each other, and definitely have a Veterans sweat. I know some people will be disappointed in this approach, but I feel strongly that with so much going on with the Free Cherokee, we must put our desires aside for a bit and walk in silence.

Chief Laughing Otter

For more information on the Warrior's Society contact LaughingOtter