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Warrior's Society

by LaughingOtter, Turtle Clan


You ride, tall, proud, eyes searching the horizon.
Seeking a white light, somewhere within your soul.
Somewhere beyond all of your
Yesterdays, your todays, and every one of your tomorrows.
Through an ever-fading translucency, you see the warrior
Riding into the white.
Into the birth of death
And out again,
With a tiny white bit of vision to share
And guide his return in both directions.
A bright bit of vision to share.
Not in words descending from horse and rider,
But in the softness of a large guiding hand
Extending a finger to the tiny pink grip
Of an infant needing love and care.
In the watchful gaze of a sentry
Guarding the myriad of paths chosen
By those in search of tiny dots of light
Emanating from life itself.
Each trip
Takes a little
Gives a little
Until horse and rider
Become the path for another warrior
Another horse and rider
To carry light and share life's journeys.

The Fall gathering of the Free Cherokee has come and gone and as usual, your friend Laughing Otter of the Turtle Clan has been given another message to ponder. Usually, Mother Nature, with the help of Dragon Hills, delivers a bit of Red Road wisdom for this old otter to chew on until the next gathering. This fall the lesson came in the form of a lengthy afternoons meditation and a request from my brother Blue Crow. I was at a loss as to the meaning of the afternoons' message: the above poem is as close as I can get to relating the dream. That evening Blue Crow asked me if I would consider serving as the Free Cherokee Warrior Chief. Remembering the afternoon nudge from the Spirit World and an offer to serve a group of people dear to my heart, I humbly accepted the task of leading the Warrior Society. I have some very large shoes to fill and will need the help of all of the members of the Warrior Society and the support of all the Free Cherokee.

What is the Warrior Society? It is, above all, a symbol of the strength for the Free Cherokee. A symbol, because it is not a small group of warriors, but the combined spirit of all of the Free Cherokee that gives the Free Cherokee our strength. The Warrior Society can focus that strength for the people. Wether it be the strength of our traditions and spirituality or the physical expenditure of life and energy in defense of our people, the Warrior Society will channel the desire and decisions of the Free Cherokee. Most of the time, the Warrior Society will simply be a small group of people who serve the Free Cherokee. We are not a group exclusively dedicated to spreading a philosophy of earth worship to the rest of the world. Those groups are called missionaries and best left to others.

Who are warriors? Fighters, philosophers, and workers who can, and will go beyond their personal interest in the service of the Free Cherokee. Men? Yes. Women? Yes. The Warrior society should be small. Remember, these are the individuals who must channel and focus the energy of the tribe. One primary requirement for membership in the Warrior Society will continue to be military service with an honorable discharge and presentation of your DD214. This is a way to honor our veterans and take advantage of military training. The Warrior Society will have no formal changes until the members of the Free Cherokee dictate so. I would like all members of the Warrior Society and members of the Free Cherokee to contact me at with any thoughts or suggestions for the Warrior Society. High on the list should be skills and knowledge the Society can share with the rest of the Free Cherokee. We have a lot to share, especially with the young members of the Free Cherokee. Of course outdoor skills will be emphasized, but everything from writing skills to craft expertise can make gatherings more interesting and beneficial. Eventually, at gatherings, the Warrior Society will be responsible for setting up a primitive campsite for exploring some of the woods crafts and methods used by our forefathers. This should be a fun endeavor that will begin the teaching duties of the Warrior Society and, with the help of everyone, be a great start.

This article began with the fall gathering and has continued through the Summer gathering. This gathering, I was able to spend from the end of the evening sweat lodge to the following noon in an extended meditation and again was given directions that I simply cannot explain. Sixteen hours of watching the world twist itself inside out and upside down with the grace of a souring eagle moved me to view the Free Cherokee from many sides. There is much work for Laughing Otter. All I really know is that with the gift of the Warriors Ax Pipe and Rolling Thunder's rattle, I have been given the tools and mandate to serve Mother Earth and those Free Cherokees who wish to walk softly upon her. We must study the history of the South Eastern Native Americans. A lot was done to America's natives and native mistakes partially enabled this. Though we do not have a conquering society with guns and soldiers at our doorstep, we do have at our doorstep, a society that has distain for personal Spirituality concern for our environment. This time around we must be able to put aside personal differences and unite under the umbrella of simple native Spiritualism to counter this assault. Now we must all go beyond ceremony and include in our paths, a daily act of help and respect for our Mother. No matter how small an effort we make to clean or preserve Nature, that effort will combine with the effort of others to make our world a better place. The one thing we should be asking ourselves, as Free Cherokees, is "what have I done for the people today?" Though our Spirituality and ceremony may differ, as all paths have and will do, the one connection all have is living and praying in Grandfather's and Grandmother's universe. We must live with care and concern for the seven generations who follow us. Let us take daily pride in our answers to the above-mentioned question and dwell in the honor of a common drive to protect Grandmother and all her relations. When we are apart, between gatherings, know we are together in the quest of aiding Mother.

For more information on the Warrior's Society contact LaughingOtter

If you have any suggestions,
problems, or comments, please E-mail