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Hello From the Florida Wolf Clan

Sorry that we missed you at Summer Gathering. We were glad Flies with Crows was able to attend to represent the Clan. It is an Honor to be with her in Florida Wolf Clan.

We have good news about the Clan. Two new members, Blue River Flowing and Steve who will be getting his Indian name in the next few days.

Blue River Flowing is a long time friend and has facilatated one of the the Clan Mothers groups in our area. Steve has come to the Red Road recently and is very active locally. He hopes to become a water pourer.

We have had several people that are on the Red Road coming by Wednesday night circle to join in prayer. Standing Bear and Deer Feheur come by regularly and we had the pleasure of meeting Little Otter who joined us for the 6 months she was in town. We hope to hear from her in her travels. Blue River Flowing has been instrumental in guiding many good folks to our circle. Thank you to all who join in prayer.

Desert Wolf and I are making plans to attend Fall Gathering and looking forward to all being together at that time. Until then we will meet you in the Sky Nation every Wednesday night at 7pm.

With Respect & Honor,
REEN (Still yet a Butterfly)

To learn more about the Florida Wolf Clan, email Chief DesertWolf

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contact: Chief Spirit Shadow