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Summer 2004
Hello From the Florida Wolf Clan

In the Native American tradition the Wolf is the teacher.

The Wolf Clan would like to use this time with you to share some teachings we have found about tobacco.

Many North American tribes have used tobacco for thousands of years before contact with the Europeans. It is used as medicine, burned in ceremonies and it is smoked. Tobacco is in the east on the medicine wheel and has the quality of communication with Spirit. In tradition we would pray to the Creator and Spirits for protection and put up offerings of tobacco in hopes that they would guide us on our journey through life. Tobacco smoke is visible breath that is believed to carry prayers and thoughts to the Creator and to all the relatives that have gone before. Tobacco is also placed with the remains of one who has passed on as they make their journey to the Spirit world.

The most spiritually powerful plant is tobacco, the herb of prayer, placed on earth by spirits to help us communicate with them and nature. All tobacco use, ranging from ceremonial to cigarettes, should be treated with respect and awareness. The elder Rolling Thunder taught: "After you light tobacco, with your first puff, you should think a good thought or make a prayer. With your second, quiet your mind; rest in stillness. With your third puff, you can receive insight related to your prayer-perhaps an image, words spoken by Spirit, or an intuitive feeling."

Tobacco also has the quality of connecting people with each other and bringing peace. It is offered to Elders and teachers before asking for advice, the interpretation of a dream or for special prayers. The gift of tobacco creates a special bond between the person giving and the person receiving. It is often used as an offering to plant and animal when these beings are harvested to feed and heal.

When you go to a Healer, Elder or Medicine person, be yourself, be respectful to them and to yourself. Take tobacco to give as an offering. The tobacco is meant for that communication between you, the Healer and the Creator. (The tobacco can be in any form, ex: one cigarette, a pack of cigarettes, a pouch of tobacco or it can be loose tobacco wrapped in a small square of red cloth called a tobacco tie.)

Talk to the Healer or Elder and explain why you have come to them. The general guidelines for meetings are to refrain from taking alcohol or drugs for four days before, women schedule their appointments for times when they are not on their moon and know that the Elder does not have to give an answer right away. They may take up to 3 or 4 days to reply to your request.

We offer this information in a good and honorable way.

Still yet a Butterfly and Standing Bear

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